Robo-taxis are headed for a street near you

In the coming years, mobility solutions—or how we get from point A to point B—will bridge the gap between ground and air transportation—yes, that means flying cars. Technological advancements are transforming mobility for people and, leading to unprecedented change. Nand Kochhar, vice president of automotive and transportation for Siemens Software...

Published on Wednesday 27 October 2021

These impossible instruments could change the future of music

When Gadi Sassoon met Michele Ducceschi backstage at a rock concert in Milan in 2016, the idea of making music with mile-long trumpets blown by dragon fire, or guitars strummed by needle-thin alien fingers, wasn’t yet on his mind. At the time, Sassoon was simply blown away by the everyday...

Published on Wednesday 27 October 2021

3 space science questions that computing is helping to answer

As space scientists collect more and more data, observatories around the world are finding new ways to apply supercomputing, cloud computing, and deep learning to make sense of it all. Here are some examples of how these technologies are changing the way astronomers study space. 

What happens when black holes...

Published on Wednesday 27 October 2021